Washoku definition

Hey, we’ve been doing some cleaning and I’ve found this small definitions, maybe useful for some and I would like to preserve it somewhere :slight_smile:

What is washoku cuisine?

Classic Japanese cuisine doesn’t end on the unique rich taste of the dishes, but equally important part of nature inspiration, aesthetics as well as individual approach to the guests. Washoku way of thinking offers them best what is to offer in the current season and day. To experience washoku You as a guest need to think about the intention of the chef.

Importance of food presentation in washoku

One of the more important detail in washoku is the presentation of the dish called moritsuke (盛り付け) for that authentic special plate as well as chef experience is a must. To fully immerse in this type of cuisine original Japanese dishes called washoku (和食器), and select the best size, pattern, color and set for your serving.