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🎏 General

General discussions on Knife and Japanese topics (not only cooking). Help with travel and recommended places in Japan. Where to sleep, what to see, share your finds or ask what you want.

πŸ”ͺ Knives

Don’t be shy. Post about kitchen knives (not only Japanese) here. We will help you choosing the right knife and also resolve any issues. Other questions and suggestion are also welcome here.

✨ Sharpener's Corner

Sharpening techniques, tools, tips & help. If you have questions about sharpening products, steels or techniques post them here.

πŸ“‹ Classifieds

Looking for some special equipment from Japan (and beyond). Want to buy a book or donate your manga collection? Want to sell your tea set? This is a free service where you can buy and sell knives and sharpening equipment and kitchen tools.

🍱 Japanese Cuisine & Techniques

Recipes, application, curiosities, washoku cuisine, kaiseki and everything related to Japanese cuisine. Product preparation, seasoning, fermentation, processing, proven methods and techniques.

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